I’m delighted to share that news that Plowden & Smith has joined the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), an NPO made up of a wide range of organisations operating across the art world (including galleries, shippers, insurers, art technology firms, specialist suppliers and artists) that are united by a shared concern that not enough is being done by the art world to tackle our collective environmental impact. If you’re not familiar with the GCC, their goal is to facilitate a greener and more sustainable commercial art world, by providing free-to-access guidelines and other resources to help enterprises across the art world reduce their carbon footprint, as well as promoting near zero-waste practices. As a member of the GCC, Plowden & Smith has committed to various measures to help us operate in the most sustainable way, and these will feed into our existing sustainability policy. You can find out more about the sustainability measure we have in place here: https://plowden-smith.com/about/sustainablility/ The GCC is a charity supported by voluntary donations and in-kind support. To find out more, and to support their work or to become a member visit: https://galleryclimatecoalition.org/

Posted by alison.eltham at 2021-04-20 08:34:16 UTC