The Art Talks are a multimedia platform with a mission to make the art world accessible to all, with its foundation in the passion and creativity it awakens in our souls: In the words of Marianne von Wewfkin, “Art lives and dies in the unique heart of he who carries it, just as all feelings only live and expand in the souls of those who feel them. There is no history of art - there is the history of artists”. And in the words of Ms. Conforti, “The Art Talk multimedia outlet was born from the passion and dedication of two people who believe in a dream. A dream filled by a universal creativity which has not left our lives through these surreal past months. We had to face a sudden reality that grasped and entangled our present in the most overwhelming way. We were forced to wear a mask ... not a metaphorical one but a real one which enhanced our human side by hiding what we are typically judged on. We were forced to reconsider our entire existence, and pushed to experience a physical and emotional lockdown that brought us closer to our inner core. New authentic friendships and a new fresh dynamic Art world has lit up! We became who we wanted to be or meditated on who we would like to be. The Art World has not stopped to breathe through an unprecedented poem of hope. Our Art Talks were born to enhance this extraordinary creativity that has surrounded our minds, our souls and our bodies”. What started as a weekly vid-cast with established art world names, morphed to include emerging artists, physically and mentally challenged artists giving a voice to the ignored creators, and is now a tri-weekly vid-cast, weekly conversations on audio social networks Angle (based in Switzerland) and Clubhouse, and most recently a quarterly magazine, The Art Talk Magazine.

Posted by Carolina Conforti at 2021-05-22 21:43:14 UTC