After a flood, this intricate plasticine artwork was exposed to increased humidity levels, resulting in a layer of crystals forming on its surface. After careful analysis, our experts concluded that the crystals were most likely to be salts drawn from the plasticine itself. Whilst any conservation solution must be long-lasting, it is crucial that the treatment is not so aggressive that it causes short or long-term damage to the object. An effective solution was found after in-depth testing on identical plasticine specially sourced from South America. We also recommended to the client that the artwork be re-glazed with high-quality glass to reduce the plasticine’s exposure to fluctuating levels of humidity in the future. To find out more about our conservation and restoration services for modern and contemporary artworks, please do just drop me a message or email #plasticine #plasticineart #contemporaryart #fineartanalysis #fineartconservation #contemporaryartconservation #contemporaryartservices

Posted by alison.eltham at 2021-09-08 14:04:20 UTC